“Informative, refreshing, full of wisdom, personal as they both opened up about their journeys. I love it. Practical info I can apply tomorrow. ”
CP, Irvine

“Many thanks to Irene and Bill for this wonderful discussion on the steps we can take to truly live a loving life. The “Seeing The Loving Essence” exercise was very powerful as we sought to see the soul of others.
DM, Irvine

“I enjoyed Bill and Irene’s presentation; they shared some value tools that have work well in keeping their wonderful marriage happy and whole. They shared their personal journey as a couple and gave us a glimpse of what is possible in a marriage…Living Loving!!”
LS, Irvine

“Irene and Bill are incredibly instrumental in helping me to see what’s going on with me during the grief process and offering tools that assist in healing deeply without judgment.  You both are truly GODSENDS!!!!”
HB, Chicago

‘You will receive support, concrete suggestions that you can take away, and an opportunity to combat isolation that we all feel in this intensely paced society we live in.”
BB, Chicago

“Irene and Bill’s teleconference gave me a safe place to talk about what I’m going through.  And I came out feeling that I’m not alone in what I’m going through, and with a tool I can use to help me get through some of the tough feelings I’m having.”
MS, Inland Empire

“It was amazing how deep we were able to go and how quickly we were able to make a connection.”
S, Inland Empire

“Bill is so knowledgeable about grief and life transitions.  He share so much about his own life transitions and grief and how he dealt with his experience.  I felt like I gained so much from this experience and can’t thank the facilitators enough.”
HR, Orange County

“It was great – Irene made me feel safe and secure about talking to complete strangers about my innermost private feelings and before the night was over I felt I could trust these people and like we had just formed new and lasting bonds.
PB, Chicago

“It was a very spiritual, comforting and rich sharing session where all in attendance are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences.  Very impressed with the integrity and knowledge of the facilitators.”
SF, Los Angeles

“Very well organized and conceived with a purpose.  Participants are encouraged to grow beyond their grief and move on.”
JL, Inland Empire

Irene and Bill are so helpful to listen to and the best thing is they do a wonderful job of listening very well to the people that call in.  It’s just been a great experience for me.”
B, Orange County

“Bill Stafford brought clarity around what and who I want to coach.  Bill has the precision of a brain surgeon who works with a laser scalpel. Within 30 minutes he helped me clarify who I want to coach what I can do for them. The man’s abilities are a god send. I recommend working Bill Stafford. He will rock your world.”
Leonard Irwin-Confidence Coach