Everything is connected to everything else. Heartache is a natural response to loss in our life. We are not broken. We don’t need to be fixed. This is a normal natural part of life.  When we work our process with the appropriate tools, healing is not only possible, but a natural response. One of the purposes of the human experience is to actually feel our feelings and to heal our inner wounds. Unfortunately in our society and most societies, we are never taught the tools to resolve the emotional feelings of loss in our lives. It’s often covered up. We don’t talk about it in public. We don’t talk about it in private. 


When we have an event in our life that triggers feelings of heartache or loss, it isn’t an isolated event or experience. It’s the trigger. It’s connected to every other experience in our life. That’s one of the reasons that everyone’s experience with heartache is unique. It is filtered through all of our life experiences. If the current event centers around one of our central themes it can be quite debilitating. Core issues of abandonment, betrayal and victim consciousness are common and may be universal.

It is impossible to separate our lives into neat little boxes. Life comes at us from all sides.  Every event, every thought, every emotion is connected to everything else. It can seem overwhelming at times and it may feel that way, too.

Take heart. We have walked the road of heartache more than once. We found the tools that actually work for healing all of our issues and feelings of heartache and loss. Today we live a life of happiness and loving far beyond anything we could ever have imagined.

We share with you the tools and techniques that we know really work.  We can help you  find your way through the tornado of life and create a life of happiness and love.  It works, when you take action for your own healing.