BILL SBill Formal small (513x640)TAFFORD, MA, MSP

Bill Stafford is a personal coach, seminar facilitator and mentor assisting others in unleashing their creativity, improving business and personal relationships, and creating purposeful lives of balance and authentic self-empowerment.

He is a pioneer and visionary in the new field of Transformational Life Coaching with earned Masters Degrees in both Music Education and Spiritual Psychology. He has a multi-industry background including education, non-profit management, and career transitions.

Throughout his career Bill has combined his background, education and life experience with his passion for being of service to others to bring the best out of the people with whom he works. He has the unique ability to listen deeply, ask questions and guide his clients to look within so they can access their own inner resources and unlock their potential.

Staffort27160-031 (2)IRENE TORRES STAFFORD, MBA, MSP

Irene Torres Stafford is a powerful motivator and public speaker in the field of personal and spiritual growth and an advocate for individuals and families facing life-altering transitions. As a Transformational Life Coach, her personal style of sharing herself from the inside out, gives her clients an opportunity to take responsibility for their life, letting go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them and ultimately, finding the blessings in all of life’s experiences. She uses a heart-centered approach to gently guide her clients to discover the tools and resources within and move toward self-empowerment.

Prior to co-creating “Stafford Life Coaching,” Irene’s experience was in financial and administrative management in higher education and nonprofit management.

Irene graduated with a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and Business Administration and is certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist.